“You are responsible for your own life.”

As soon as we all realize the meaning of that statement, the more successful we will all be.

I came to that realization very early on in my recovery. I realized that there was no way I’d ever walk again unless I wanted to. I wanted to learn, I had the desire to learn and I was the one who endured painfully tiring and frustrating physio for years to learn. I’m still working on my walk, working on making the little muscles in my core turn on. I still have a huge desire to walk and move like everyone else. It’s, probably, never going to happen. I’ll always have a different gait but I’ll continue to try because I want that.

Nobody else is going to complete what you want done. People can assist you, mentally, but they’re not the ones who can physically do anything. If you want something done, you gotta do it yourself.

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