Now what

Ok, I’ve ‘recovered’ from a brain injury. I’m not sure if anyone has ever recovered from a Traumatic Brain Injury but I’m happy with what I can do. It’s highly unlikely going to constant therapies would be beneficial now. I can do a lot of things however a lot of those things are challenging. I have trouble walking long distances. I have bad balance everyday. I suffer from extreme fatigue. I can’t hold my head straight, I hold it tilted to the right, almost like I’m asking question. It’s very difficult for me to concentrate my eyes at anytime of the day, meaning I get double vision. I get neck, lower back and hip pain. If I push myself I suffer from extreme vertigo. I don’t drive so my independence is limited. I can take the bus on my own now! But that can be quite tiring. So it’s a question of now what?
I fell in love with the most phenomenal man and we’re going to be married this August. He’s my home. I can’t believe I found real true unconditional love. He understands, accepts and loves me.

“The secret of happiness is to see all the marvels of the world, and never to forget the drops of oil on the spoon.”

Happiness is an emotion that means something different to everyone. What makes you happy? Is it an object? Or maybe it’s a place. Or is it a person? Maybe it’s a possession. Or maybe it’s the physical act of doing something. The level of joy anyone feels will differ from the joy someone else feels when they do the same activity. Some people need to travel the world to feel happy and some people are quite content staying home. That’s ok; it’s just human nature and the difference between two people. It also comes down to what everyone has experienced in his or her lives. I feel joy when I walk to the kitchen and I feel joy when I jump. Whatever makes you happy; never forget to be grateful for the small things like walking to the kitchen, eating an apple or washing your hands in clean water, that runs out of a tap, after you use the toilet. Not everyone is as privileged and lucky as us.