Now what

Ok, I’ve ‘recovered’ from a brain injury. I’m not sure if anyone has ever recovered from a Traumatic Brain Injury but I’m happy with what I can do. It’s highly unlikely going to constant therapies would be beneficial now. I can do a lot of things however a lot of those things are challenging. I have trouble walking long distances. I have bad balance everyday. I suffer from extreme fatigue. I can’t hold my head straight, I hold it tilted to the right, almost like I’m asking question. It’s very difficult for me to concentrate my eyes at anytime of the day, meaning I get double vision. I get neck, lower back and hip pain. If I push myself I suffer from extreme vertigo. I don’t drive so my independence is limited. I can take the bus on my own now! But that can be quite tiring. So it’s a question of now what?
I fell in love with the most phenomenal man and we’re going to be married this August. He’s my home. I can’t believe I found real true unconditional love. He understands, accepts and loves me.

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