8 years ago my entire life changed because of a dump truck. I used to think it would never be as good as it was but I was wrong. I’m so much happier now and on this day, next year I get to marry my best friend. He’s not just my best friend though. He’s the guy I dreamed about marrying. Sometimes girls dream about marrying a prince or a pop star but for me, since I laid my eyes on him, it was always Tyler. He’s changed my life for the better and made me want to keep working to become the best I can be. I still believe that one day I’ll run after our future kids because of the way he believes in me. He has never ever questioned anything I think I’m capable of doing and because of that I keep trying things. That’s a trait I want my children to have. I don’t want to have kids who give up because something’s hard. Life’s hard and unfair, I don’t think anyone understands that better than my family and I. That’s one of the reasons I fell in love with Tyler, he doesn’t give up, he works hard to accomplish anything and everything. I’m so excited to finally say ‘I do’ and marry him. He treats me like a princess and for that he’ll always be my prince.

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