October 6th, 2016

Forget about the fact that I can’t run, skip 

or drive a car. I came to terms with those 

things. They’re like the fact that Santa 

isn’t real. It hurt when you first found out 

but you’ve known the truth for many 

years now. It stopped upsetting you a 

long time ago. He’s just not real. I’m just 

not going to run. There’s always that 

slim, minute, possibility that one day 

something will just snap back together in 

my brain and I’ll run after the ice cream 

truck but I don’t really foresee that 

happening. If it does happen, it will cause 

me pain in my knee that I don’t want to 

deal with, therefore I wouldn’t do it 

twice. What upsets me now is dancing. I 

used to be a good dancer, I’m not talking 

about ballet, I’ve kind of banished the 

thought of me doing ballet from my 

mind. The memory just upsets me too 

much, how graceful I used to move. I can 

hardly walk gracefully now. I’m talking 

about just dancing to the rhythm of 

anything. I used to be really good at that 

and I miss it. I watched this video of a 

woman who danced for her husband at 

their wedding and I instantly felt a sharp 

pain in my heart and shed a few tears. I 

felt sadness because I can’t dance like 

that for my husband. In an instant I was 

reminded how fortunate I am to have my 

husband. I feel blessed every morning I 

wake up because he’s waking up right 

beside me and will be there every 

morning for the rest of our lives. He 

accepts everything about me and loves 

my quirks. He’s my favourite, he’s my 


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