Sunnyhill Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital

 This is Harriet’s dream that she had in her coma. She was told that she would have had the dream and made the choice to live at the accident scene, when her brain was still active.

“There was a decision, two paths and a choice to be made. A tunnel through water which is very tempting because my dad loves the water, and remember those dreams when you were little of being able to breathe under water? I don’t know, maybe I’m just crazy but when I was little I had this recurring dream and wished that somehow I’d learn to breathe under water and become best friends with Ariel, from The Little Mermaid. Yes, I was obsessed with that movie. But then I turned around and saw this sunny field and anyone who knows me, knows how much I love sunshine. What made the decision even harder was the fact that it was full of mums’ favorite flowers, poppies. I stood there, for what seemed like forever, contemplating and twiddling my fingers through my long hair. And then I see it: a shark with beady green eyes. I despise sharks with every part of my body. That made my decision easy, peasy, lemon squeezy.  I choose the field with poppies and without another thought in my head I lie down in the poppy field. My choice was to go to the light, to live.”

The Choice I made
The Choice she made.


 with my mum and my dog in the background

Harriet Standing beside her mum and her dog (in the background)

The first time I stood in this, I puked. It was because my blood wasn't used to having to pump up through my body to my brain

The first time she stood in this, she puked. It was because her blood wasn’t used to having to pump up through her body to her brain. It was used to her laying parallel.

“The days moulded into one day and I wasn’t exactly enjoying myself. I couldn’t even roll over in my bed, I’d just lie flat, all day and all night, bored. At night, nurses turned my lights out and I got maybe three to four hours sleep, but a lot of that time I was awake because I’d either wet myself or I ached or I was uncomfortable or I was bored because my music had stopped playing. I felt like ringing the bell every time the cd stopped and making a nurse start it again but they already told me not to ring the bell so much, Id just pee, I had a reason that way! Ring ring Isabella comes. Isabella is my daily nurse; I adored her. She helped me in the morning with getting dressed, brushing my teeth, eating breakfast, and going to the toilet. Yes, I could say bye bye privacy.  “What do you want this time?” Isabella asked.

“I peed and can you play my music again?” I said. She gets on and started changing my wet diaper and is about to leave! “CD!” I sidy in desperation.

“Right! There ya go brat.” She said. She pushed the play button,’ AHH music everything was ok.'”

Me and Isabella 6.5 years after accident.
Harriet and Isabella 6.5 years after accident.

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