GF Strong


“After being  an in-patient at GF Strong for a few months, I guess I was starting to get the hang of being a patient there. I still didn’t like it, but who likes hospitals? One morning I had physio at 9, I was in a hurry because my morning had been disastrous. My mum usually picked out what I was wearing the next day and leaves it on top of the counter. I had to dress myself there, which was challenging. It took me so long and it didn’t seem to be getting any easier or faster! It would take me three times as long if I had to decide what to wear as well. She, obviously, forgot to get knickers out for me one night. I try to open my knicker drawer but it was stuck. I pulled extra hard and it finally it opened fully and landed flat on the floor making my knickers go everywhere. I’ll have to tell Dad to WD40 it. I called for a nurse to come in and help me put them all back in the drawer and the drawer back in the cabinet. I guess she hadn’t looked on my wheelchair for any knickers though. I had this fluorescent orange thong, I wasn’t wearing it but my wheelchair was. I raced down to physio as fast as I can because I really didn’t not want to be late. I went all the way with this brighter than orange thong stuck to the side of my wheelchair. I didn’t even realize it was there! I met up with my physio, he smiles and points down. He says, “Umm Harriet, you might want to fix something.” My face went scarlet in color; I’d just come from floor 3 to floor 1 with an orange thong on the side of my wheelchair. My orange thong! I just slipped it into my handy bag on the back of my wheelchair and smiled.”

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